Activated Carbons for Hydrogen Sulphide and Mercaptane Removal

In the air and natural gas treatment sector potassium iodide impregnated carbon is used for the removal of the hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.
DC has developed an activated carbon type Oxorbon K 20 J, which has a high inner surface and balanced pore structure. A special production process assures a homogenous impregnation and high adsorption capacity for sulphur compounds.
Leaching of these materials from the carbon can only be done in the presence of air and with catalytic action. The Oxorbon K 20 J transforms the hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans into elemental sulfur and the more easily adsorbed disulfide, which is fixed in the pores of the activated carbon. A sulphur load of more than 60 % wt is achievable.

Recommended AC Quality:
Oxorbon K20 J

A main point to consider in the production of natural gas is the presence of mercury which readily forms amalgams by destroying the protective oxide layer on metals. This can cause extensive damage to equipment such as aluminium heat exchanger. For the removal of mercury sulfur impregnated activated carbon (Desorex HGD S-Types) with high efficiency can be used.

Recommended AC Quality:
Desorex HGD 4S

Further technical documents and samples available upon request.