Landfill Seepage Treatment

Several different processes are used in the treatment of water seeping from landfills. In addition to such techniques as biological treatment, precipitation/flocculation, chemical oxidation, reverse osmosis and vaporisation, activated carbon adsorption now plays a major role as well. 

A common procedure for the purification of leachate with mostly organic load is the combination of biological treatment with subsequent ultrafiltration and activated carbon adsorption in fixed beds, followed by reactivation.
Adsorption is often employed following other pollutant-reducing treatments, which increases the effectiveness of the activated carbon process. Adsorption removes COD compounds and AOX compounds, which are not readily biodegradable. Achievable pollutant loads depend primarily on the influent concentration.

Tailor-made Activated Carbons
Depending on the type of waste, landfill age and geological area, the accruing landfill leachate has a different composition. Preparation procedures and used activated carbon must be adapted accordingly to this. The leachate is examined in Donau Carbon’s own laboratories to determine the most appropriate quality of activated carbon. Depending on the requirements, Donau Carbon GC 840 P consists of components with different pore size and ensures an optimal operation.
Tailor-made activated carbons from Donau Carbon achieve impurity loads up to 45 weight percent and extend the service life of the filters significantly compared to conventional activated carbon grades. The activated carbon consumption can be reduced decisively - an economic advantage for each landfill.

Our Services are for our Customers Benefit:
  • trained personnel for the change of activated carbon (no technicians on site necessary)
  • return of loaded activated carbon by Recycling Act (elimination of the electronic certification process)
  • exact traceability of the recycling pathway by direct delivery of the loaded carbon to supplier
  • emergency shipment within 48 hours on request possible
  • individual activated carbon deliveries possible (e.g., pH neutral)
  • supply by a 4-compartment vehicle possible
  • time-saving and trouble-free emptying-service by exhausting the spent carbon through the lower open manhole

Recommended AC Qualities:
Donau Carbon GC 840P
Hydraffin 30N

Further technical documents and samples available on request.