Our Packaging Units

Securely and carefully packed products are of high importance to ourselves and our customers.
Our sub-suppliers and sub-contractors have to demonstrate the same high standards of packaging as we have implemented for our own products.
This is to ensure that, irrespective of where the product comes from, whether being produced or just traded by Donau Carbon, it will always arrive in best-packed condition.

We provide you with our products in the following packaging units:
  • Big Bags (depending on product density 350 - 550 kg; usually 500 kg / ~1000 lb)
  • PE-/Paperbags (depending on product 20 / 25 kg ~ 55 lb)

Customized packaging to meet our customer's needs (such as, but not limited to drums) may also be provided, depending on quantity ordered.

Please ask us for more details.

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